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Hi, after doing this practice set I don't quite understand why B is the answer. I originally put A because the language seems to indicate curiosity more than motivation to me.
 Luke Haqq
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Hi mcdonnks!

In general terms, the tone of the author is one of explaining something to the reader. Among other things, the author explains that there is more to Lichtenstein's work than merely its comic-book appearance alone. This explanatory tone puts answer choice (A) out of contention. Rather than just expressing curiosity, the author is conveying information to readers about Lichtenstein. I'd expect there to be questions asked in the passage or something like that indicating that the author is writing for the main purpose of expressing curiosity.

The remaining four answer choices all involve a more explanatory purpose of the passage, the best of which is answer choice (B): "clarify the motivation behind an artist's work." Beyond discussing Lichtenstein's motivations in terms of features of his work (e.g., its likeness to comic books but also serious messages), the author also explains Lichtenstein's motivations in terms of previous art movements and his reaction to them.

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