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Hi, I was wondering if there were examples of any well-written writings of the given samples on our Lesson 10 homework that PowerScore has. If not, I was wondering if it was okay to get some insight into something I wrote. I chose to write from the WRITING SAMPLE TOPIC PREP TEST 68, DECEMBER 2012.

In the scenario above, Janet is put in a difficult position where she must choose between two different roles based in NYC and SA. Considering that Janet wants the role she appears in to earn her critical and popular acclaim while also wanting to spend as little time away from her family as possible, Janet should accept the role based in New York City.

With Janet wanting to gain critical and popular acclaim, the role offered to her in New York City seems to be a safer guarantee. Firstly, she would be playing a lead role in an already popular and long-running play. Since the play is already well known, it is reasonable to assume that there will be many returning fans and viewers watching the play. This would be a great opportunity for Janet to make her debut and gain a lot of attention from viewers. In addition, since she would be replacing the actor who received great acclaim from this play, it is another possibility that Janet could get to the same point as well. Despite the play having complex and challenging characters, Janet mentioned how she believes that the character she would play would allow her to demonstrate her range as an actor. Her confidence and optimism in the role could help her further perform her role well, leading the audience to thoroughly enjoy her performance and help her gain the acclaim she wanted. On the other hand, it can be expected that Janet wouldn’t be able to reach her desire to gain critical and popular acclaim to this extent if she were to choose the role based in SA. While it is true that she would be starring in a film with two of the biggest stars, and that this could attract many fans and viewers as well, Janet mentions how the script is not very well written even if she thinks that she could perform it well. If the actress already has in mind that the script isn’t written well, then the viewers may think the same way and end up not enjoying the film. They may feel disappointed with the film and leave negative comments or ratings, which would negatively affect Janet’s chances of gaining critical and popular acclaim.

Another reason why Janet should pick NYC over SA is that she can spend more time with her family. Despite having to work in NYC for 6 months and performing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Janet still has four other days to spend with her family. If she were to spend all four days out of a week with her family in a span of 6 months, Janet would be with her family 96 times during the entirety of the 6 months she is in NYC. Furthermore, the commute from Toronto to NYC makes this visit a high possibility as it is only a two-hour plane ride. On the other hand, if Janet were to pick the role based in SA, she would not have the flexibility to see her family as often. Even though Janet would only be filming in SA for two consecutive months, which is much shorter than her time in NYC, it would also mean that she would not be allowed to see her family at all, as they are unable to visit her and she is unable to visit Toronto. Not being able to spend time with her family even if it means that 60 days is less than what she would not be spending with her family if she were in NYC for 6 months, Janet might feel better at least being able to go just a few days without seeing her family compared to two whole months.

While both roles in the two different locations Janet has to decide have their benefits, the cons of having to choose the role in SA nevertheless outweigh the benefits it could provide Janet. After all, Janet is looking for a role where she can earn critical and popular acclaim, while also spending as little time as possible away from her family. By choosing the role in NYC, she can likely achieve both.

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This looks good to me, Sydneymkim ! You've got the right idea - address the pros AND cons of both choices and show why the choice you made has the better pro/con balance. You haven't done any unreasonable amount of speculation or creative writing, but you did expand on the information given in a convincing way. And I love that you used math to calculate the family time!

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