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In their latest August 2021 LSAT Crystal Ball preview webinar, Dave and Jon analyzed all of the recent test trends, and deconstructed our comprehensive database of unreleased test information, to provide specific suggestions of the exact test content you need to master before your upcoming LSAT. To help you most effectively attack that recommended content, we have compiled the entire set—from full tests and sections to individual games and passages—onto a single page in our Online Student Center. On this easily navigable page, you can directly launch each suggested, August-focused component for practice and detailed review. These problem sets are available to all PowerScore students with access to our Online Student Center, including Course students, Tutoring students, and Testing & Analytics subscribers. If you don't currently have Online Student Center access, you can sign up for any of the aforementioned services here:

If you do currently have OSC access, log into your Online Student Center, scroll down to the Crystal Ball webinar video player, and click the link just beneath it labeled, ‘Click Here for Crystal Ball Recommended Content.’

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