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I was just wondering if it was better to diagram as you read along? or
to diagram only after you read the stimulus? or
to diagram after you have read the entire question along with the rules etc?

(Sometimes I am inclined to diagram as I read but then I realize that some rules at the end change how I would start setting-up so I wait until I read the entire question but I wonder if that's a waste of time because then I find myself reading the question twice).

I'm just wondering what is the best/most ideal tactic to choosing when to start diagraming for time and accuracy's sake?

Thank you !
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Hi Leslie!

For Logic Games, we always recommend that you read the entire scenario and rules before you start diagramming. The reason for this is exactly what you've discovered--sometimes rules at the end influence how you would setup your diagram! It also helps you focus on fully understanding the scenario and rules first, so you don't get ahead of yourself and end up making mistakes as you are diagramming. It's important to read carefully and pay close attention as you're diagramming because if you skip over a rule or mis-diagram a rule, that can have major implications for how well you are able to answer all of the questions that go along with the game. So re-reading the scenario and rules is actually time well spent.

When you read through the first time, your focus is just getting a sense of the different variable sets you'll be dealing with and what types of things you'll need to keep track of so that you can choose your base and diagram your variable sets. You'll read more slowly the second time through as you make sure that you are carefully and accurately diagramming each rule.

Hope this helps!


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