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General questions relating to the LSAT Logic Games.
I'm taking the November LSAT and am trying to improve my logic games score -- mostly I'm trying to improve my time. I bought a different LG book, and, although I like the method of trying a game, seeing the explanation, and then having the option to repeat the games, I found the games themselves to be too easy. Untimed, I think I only got two questions wrong in the entire book, and those were really just from reading the question wrong.

I'd like to focus on just the hardest LGs that there have been but I'm having trouble finding the games themselves online. Youtube videos don't really work for me, but I would be okay with buying a book if it was a reasonable price. What I don't want to do is to pay for another course -- that's obscenely expensive.

Any suggestions? Thank you!
 Rachael Wilkenfeld
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Hi Kinshuk,

Any online access to LSAT questions currently requires a LSAT Prep Plus license---that's across the board with any company, or through LSAC themselves. You can find more about that requirement here. Licensing requirements have changed recently, so you may not have come across this before. Just the Prep Plus licence comes with access to 60 past LSATs, but if you want access to all LSATs, you might want to consider purchasing something like our analytics package which will give you access to ALL past tests, and let you practice many of them in a flex test format.

If you don't already know what games to check out, we have a great blog post that tells you which games are the hardest ones we've seen.

Hope that helps!

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