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Passage Discussion


This explanation is still in progress. Please post any questions below!
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Hi is there any update on the VIEWSTAMP ANALYSIS?
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Sure thing, aadhiswaran.

This is a passage about a potential future issue--an up-and-coming problem in our changing world. The passage explains the current possible models for dealing with the allocation and distribution of water as a scarce resource. The passage begins by establishing water as valuable, and a resource that requires international cooperation for effective allocation. The passage continues by explaining what that international cooperation could look like. It establishes the need for a unified and consistent model of determining allocation between different nations.

It continues the discussion in a logical way. We need this model, and here's an attempt to do it! The ILC's Draft Articles are presented as a first attempt to develop such a model. The passage describes the different provisions in the Draft Articles. However, the author has a fair number of criticisms and concerns about the model. Finally, in the last paragraph, the author describes their own views on what could work better as a model, or at least what a successful model could look like.

Viewpoints: The author's (in the last two paragraphs primarily), the various countries', the ILC
Structure: Introduce a problem, describe the problem's relevance, analyze a proposed model for a solution, suggest possible alternative terms
Tone: Concerned about future issues, appreciative of the work of the ILC, gently critical of some issues with the Draft Articles
Arguments: The author's argument is that the ILC's Draft Articles are a good start but insufficient to meet the future needs of the world. The ILC's position that the Draft Articles should reflect current international practice and past legal rulings to develop a model.
Main Point: The Draft Articles are a helpful but insufficient attempt to develop a model for future water distribution between nations.

Hope that helps!

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