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Setup and Rule Diagram Explanation

This is an Advanced Linear: Balanced game.

The game scenario specifies that eight files will be ordered from first to eighth. This lends the game a Linear aspect. Each file is one of three colors, and so one row must be made for the files, and another row must be made for the colors, creating an Advanced Linear game:

D02_Game_#1_setup_diagram 1.png
Let’s first present the final diagram for the game, and then discuss some of the more interesting facets of the game:

D02_Game_#1_setup_diagram 2.png

This game is fairly standard, except for the third rule, which is unusual. There are a number of different possible representations of this rule, but we have chosen a diagram that features blocks around the sequences in order to make sure the rule is clear. In our estimation, this representation:
D02_Game_#1_setup_diagram 3.png

There are several inferences that can be drawn from this rule, namely:


There are also some interesting Not Laws within the diagram:

1.     O cannot be placed second. Because H cannot be placed first, and O must be placed in some position after H, we can infer that O cannot be placed second.
2.     O cannot be placed third. The earliest that H can be placed is second. But, because O cannot immediately follow H, we can infer that O cannot be placed third.
3.     H cannot be placed seventh. If H is placed seventh, then O must be placed eighth, and that would cause a violation of the rule that states that H cannot immediately
       precede O.
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I need help in understanding why "H" cannot be first and "O" cannot be 2nd and third and "V" cannot be second. Thanks.
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Please disregard my prior post. I caught my own mistake. Thanks.

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