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Hi MediaLaw11156,

There are 9 total solutions for this game, but, for most people, finding all nine solutions would take too much time. At the same time, there is no one global diagram that will work for this game because there are so many contingent sequences.

First, write out the rules. You will probably notice that it's not easy to draw a diagram from the rules because there are so many branching possibilities. But even though you can't necessarily draw a beautiful diagram, you can still use your usual diagram-drawing time to explore the rules by asking yourself some questions. For example, I asked, "Which computers can be the one that got the virus first?" I narrowed it down to U and T, and this helped me get started on writing out some of the solutions. Don't take too long in this phase, but some time spent exploring will help you understand the rules better. In addition, as Adam counseled, the list question can help you better understand how the rules interact. Use that question to learn about the relationships between the computers. Next, if you are still feeling uncertain, you could tackle the local questions, since each of them will provide some information that is set in stone.

Good luck!

P.S. If you really must know, here are the 9 solutions:

1, 2: U/T to P to R and S, R to Q, S to U/T

3: U to P to R and S, S to T to Q

4: U to R and S, S to T, T to P and Q

5: U to R and S, R to Q, S to T to P

6: T to P and Q, P to R and S, S to U

7: T to R and S, R to Q, S to U to P

8: T to P and Q, Q to R and S, S to U

9: T to Q to R and S, S to U to P

Let me reiterate, though, that I DO NOT RECOMMEND finding all nine solutions as the most efficient way to solve this puzzle!

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