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Complete Question Explanation

Parallel Flaw—CE. The correct answer choice is (A)

The conclusion in this stimulus can be summed up as follows: effect present and increasing (rainfall is increasing), so cause must be present and increasing as well (air temperature is increasing). We need an answer choice that contains this same flawed reasoning.

Answer choice (A): This is the correct answer choice. Here we have the effect present and increasing (people are healthier), and a conclusion that the cause must be present and increasing (food consumed is fresher).

Answer choice (B): There is no mention of an increasing trend in this answer choice.

Answer choice (C): This conclusion introduces the new term “automobiles,” so it does not match the stimulus.

Answer choice (D): This conclusion is more about eliminating a conditional relationship (physical fitness is not necessary for health) than establishing a causal relationship, so it cannot be correct.

Answer choice (E): The conclusion about “at least one” does not indicate an increasing trend, so this answer is incorrect.

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