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I got this question wrong because I had to decide between B and E and chose wrong. I wasn't really happy with either. My biggest concern with B was that I didn't think the issue with CLS proponents was that they overlook things, but I wasn't sure. My biggest concern with E was that the first paragraph of the passage said CLS wants to debunk orthodox legal theory, while the answer choice referred to it as conventional legal theory. The first paragraph refers to it as orthodox legal theory twice. Was there something I missed to connect "orthodox" and "conventional", or is E just the best answer out of a poor set of choices?
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Hi Tejadas,

I think orthodox and conventional are interchangable here. Both refer to a traditional theory or idea, a standard way of doing or interpreting things.

Answer choice (B) misstates the author's point. Meyerson isn't saying that CLS proponents oversimplify legal dilemmas, but that they claim that conflicting values lead to irrational and arbitrary decisions. Meyerson thinks that these conflicts that CLS proponents find can be resolved by using different tools described in the passage to judge and evaluate the conflicting pressures.

Hope that helps!

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