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i thought content and style in c matched well enough and the cultural assumptions in d was fine too as well as theoretical basis so does whether c or do is correct come down to the words i highlighted in my previous response?
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As Robert pointed our earlier in this thread, there is nothing in this passage to suggest that the book is about the "history of women in science." That's something of a shell game based on the description early in the first paragraph of Harraway's book as a "book on the history of science...written from a feminist perspective."

The second paragraph is filled with references to Harraway's "proposal" to change the way scientists view and study nature. She "argues" and "challenges" and "insists" and, in the third sentence, she "proposes."

The way to answer this question is through 1) prephrasing (come up with your own description of the purpose of the passage as soon as you are done reading it), and 2) research in the text, if you are stuck between two answers. It's not about what you remember at that point, but about what you can find to support your position. Reading Comp is all about doing efficient research in the text to find evidence that supports one answer over the others. Don't trust your memory; use the text!

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