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Hi Powerscore,

For this question, I selected "B" instead of "E" . Is B incorrect because it discusses past methods of solving the problem are criticized. Also, can you help with finding the best way to attack these types of questions. I consistently find myself missing problems that ask "which one of the following most accurately describes the organization of the last paragraph of the passage" .....
 Francis O'Rourke
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I'd agree with you that the phrase "past methods of solving the problem" is the easiest part of answer choice (B) to check and refute.

For this one, I would begin by trying to match up the answer choices clause by clause to the paragraph, first by crossing off any obviously wrong ones. We can use the Fact Test, so actively look for statements that do not describe what we just read.

Answer choice (A) says that the paragraph begins with a solution to a problem being identified. There is no solution in the paragraph, and the first sentence definitely does not do this.

Answer choice (B) says that background to a problem is presented. You may want to keep this at first as a contender because it is unclear if we can describe the first sentence as providing any background. The second clause of this answer choice tells us it is not the right answer.

Answer choice (C) states that the paragraph begins with an analysis of a problem. This description of the paragraph's opening may be debatable, but the paragraph definitely did not give us possible solutions, as the answer choice states.

Answer choice (D) says that we are initially given reasons why a problem has existed. There are no reasons given here for why the law has been seen as a tool of racial oppression, so this one is out.

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