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I was left with answers (A) and (C) and chose the former because this has been mentioned towards the end of the first paragraph. But where is the support for answer (C)?
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(A) is wrong because English-language writings have been overvalued instead of being undervalued. (C) is correct if we read line 34-37. Binns believed that "treating the English-language writings of Renaissance England as an coherent whole" was a wrong idea. Therefore, as what the answer says, these writings have formed the basis of a superficially coherent reading.
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That is correct. The first half of the passage deals with the limited outlook of Latin scholars; the second half deals with the limitations of English scholars. Both are missing a substantial part of the picture. Looking at the last couple of lines, the result is a "distorted picture." There is additional evidence from around line 40, discussing the diversity of background that is ignored by the English scholars.

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