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What do you recommend to do after the course is over?
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 Stephanie Oswalt
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#102052 wrote: Mon Jun 05, 2023 12:48 pm What do you recommend to do after the course is over?
Hi gmd,

Thanks for the post! It looks like you still have over a month of your course left, so for now, we'd recommend continuing to attend class and work through the homework, as I see you have been doing! :-D

Once the course lessons are complete, make sure you circle back and finalize any homework you hadn't completed. Then you'll want to spend time reviewing past homework and practice tests. You can also take additional PTs (there are 40+ with the course) and review those. Exactly what you focus on after the course will depend on your strengths/weaknesses, so the key will be to fully review and assess your progress: ... ice-tests/ :)

I hope this helps! Thanks!

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