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Below, an accepted law school student, Helen, asks a question regarding their law school choice, and PowerScore CEO Dave Killoran responds.

"Hi Dave! While I am still waiting on some decisions, I have currently narrowed my options to the following acceptances I already have and among which I am trying to decide (Scholarships offered listed next to each school):
1) Fordham 120.000
2) GW 135.000
3) Notre Dame 135.000
I am an international applicant and my goal is big law (visa considerations weigh in here).
From the data I found at LST, I can see that big law employment rates (and employment rates in general) favor Fordham in spite of being ranked lower. My fear is that 2021 numbers might not be quite representative as it was a year with a high demand for legal jobs, and the situation might be different when I graduate in 2026.
What would you do? By the way, federal clerkships have no importance to me, since as a foreigner I won´t be eligible.

Dave Killoran:
"Hi Helen,

First, 2022 numbers are out at: ... re509.aspx, so you can get the most recent data right from the schools there :)

Second, the possibility of circumstances changing with the schools is always present, but Fordham has historically been very solid and well-respected in NYC. I doubt that changes in the next several years barring some huge scandal (which is not expected).

I realize that doesn’t change the situation a huge amount, but it might put your mind at ease over how Fordham is viewed at least!


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