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Good afternoon,

After making some edits to my diversity statement I ended up bumping my font size down to 11 from 12. Unfortunately, my personal statement was written in 12. My attempts to make it run within 3 or so lines of filling two pages in 11 have felt a little lackluster. I could add a paragraph on how I would use the opportunity to study at [x] and how the lessons I have learned will inform that, but this might also be fluff. Would it be professional/okay to simply submit my resume and diversity statement in 11 but keep my personal statement in 12?

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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 Paul Popa
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Hi Gam,

I'd be happy to throw my two cents in. One of the things law school admission officers look closely for is your ability to follow instructions and your attention to detail. If the instructions for your personal statement say to write in an 11 pt font, you must follow that instruction. However, if the instructions don't specify a particular font, you're free to write it in a font that works for you, but I would keep the font size in all your writing consistent. Don't worry too much about hitting a certain number of pages in your personal statement--as long as your personal statement communicates what you want it to, you're good. Hope this helps!

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