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Would it be appropriate to include that affordability is a key factor in me applying to a school?

I would word it as ...
"My decision was influenced by the school’s ability to provide affordable high quality legal education to a diverse student body..." I also go on to add other things such as an environment that cultivates students to have strong moral and ethical traits that would uphold the practice of law. I am adding one more reason but still working on the wording.

Would this be appropriate to list as one of the reasons why I am interested in applying to this school in my personal statement
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Hi Haley Nicole!

Honestly, I wouldn't include that line. It sounds like you're just regurgitating their website. They already know that they offer an affordable education to a diverse student body. When you're trying to describe why you want to go to X law school, you have to be as specific as possible and also use it as an opportunity to show why you would be a good fit for their school.

Check out this blog post that goes into more depth about what to include (and what not to include!) when describing why you want to go to a specific law school: ... -x-essays/

Hope this helps!


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