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I completed all of the applications at the end of November and am starting to get responses from schools. I know I most likely want to go somewhere in NYC, and my top pick (unless a miraculous NYU acceptance and scholarship) is Cardozo. I thought I had a chance at securing close to a full ride at Cardozo based on past stats, but have just heard back from them this morning to only receiving an annual $35,000 grant. I know this is the school I want and want some advice on how to begin the scholarship negotiation process and maybe some tips on big outside scholarship possibilities.

A bit about me: I have a 3.94 undergrad GPA, 164 LSAT, currently taking a gap year working at a small law firm, applied for full-ride public interest scholarships at many schools.

So far, I have received the following offers:
St. Johns- Full Tuition (stay in top 80% of class)
Suffolk Law - Full Tuition (unconditional)
George Washington -$23,000 per year (unconditional)
Cardozo - $35,000 per year (unconditional)

Still waiting on responses from UPenn, NYU, Duke, Cornell, Georgetown, Boston University, Fordham, Boston College, Northeastern

I would really prefer not to have to take the LSAT again, but if you think that's my best bet to get close to a full-ride negotiation, I would consider it. I really appreciate any advice you have for me!

Thank you! :)
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Hi again!

I wanted to add that I took the LSAT-Flex 3 times already, July (162), August(163) and October(164). I had been performing much better on my practice tests before the October test getting scores in the upper 160s to lower 170s, so I think nerves got the best of me there knowing it was my last test before sending in applications. So, if your advice is to retake the LSAT, I would love some advice on scoring a bit more consistently and getting the scores on an actual test closer to what I am getting in practice.

Thanks again!
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Hi elinds13 ,

Thanks for the message!Congrats on the acceptances and offers—that's fantastic! First, you are looking at a slow cycle, and many of the offers I'm seeing so far are lower than normal. Schools are wary of what they are seeing and their financial offers so far seem to be on the conservative side. Second, I've had a few students get into Cardozo, and your offer isn't out of line with theirs at this point. And last, at this point you don't have a great "comparison" offer to use as leverage. Cardozo won't care about St. Johns and Suffolk as they will see them as "lower" schools, and GW is also not a good comparison, for the opposite reason. In Cardozo's eyes, their number will look competitive.

The above three points suggest that while you can open up a negotiation with them right now, I'm not convinced it would be successful. I'd think you might need to wait for Fordham in particular to come in, and possibly Northeastern too.

On the point of the LSAT, I can understand your hesitation to retake. But, barring really positive offers from the two schools I named, you won't have a lot of leverage this cycle. Given that you were scoring higher than any of your official results prior to your last attempt, it sure seems like you could go back in, not spend a huge amount of time prepping, and try to ease the pressure knowing that if it doesn't go well, you'll just cancel. Sometimes that pressure release of knowing it's not a huge deal makes a world of difference!


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