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I have worked at the same place of employment since i graduated high-school and I am well-established there. My boss has pretty big plans revolving around me staying around for awhile so I haven't told anyone there that I am applying for Law School. For this reason I cant really ask him for a LOR. Will it raise red flags for admissions personnel that I have had a long-term job but no letter of recommendation from my boss?

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Hi bluberry98!

It's a pretty common scenario for applicants to not have LORs from their current employers because they don't want their employers to know that they are applying to law school. So it shouldn't be something that is going to raise any flags for an admissions committee. If you want to, you could write a brief addenda to make that point. But if you have LORs from professors who know you well, that's really the ideal situation.

Here are some more LOR resources for you to check out! ... mendation/ ... mendation/ ... mendation/

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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