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Hope all is well! I want to first thank you for increasing my score 10+ points; so happy with my PowerScore course experience!

My question relates to LOCI. Today I was deferred from ED to RD at Northwestern. The decision letter indicated that I might submit a LOCI to indicate I am still interested. I read your and Spivey’s articles on the matter and I do feel like this situation does warrant a letter. However, I don’t have much to say to them other than they are my number 1 choice and I would attend if accepted. Other than that, I have no update on jobs, lsat score or interaction with the school. That being said, what all should I say in the letter? Can I keep it super brief just so they know I would 100% attend if admitted?

Thank you very much!
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Hi Nashville_14!

It's okay if you don't have anything new to report. Just keep it brief, tell them you still want to be considered and that you would definitely still attend. Try to be specific about why they are your number one school without just restating something that was elsewhere in your application. What features of this school are a good fit for you personally and why? Look at it as an opportunity to tell them things that you didn't already include in your application.

And I know you said you already read these resources, but just including these links as a reminder for you and also to be useful for others who may come across your post! ... rest-loci/ ... -interest/

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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