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This a prompt from a school I am applying to:". Have you ever been arrested or charged, formally or informally, and without regard to the result, with a violation of any law? (If yes, please attach an explanation of the circumstances, including relevant details.)"

I have no criminal charges and they are strictly traffic (". This includes traffic offenses of all kinds, with the exception of the occasional parking ticket"). Does Powerscore have any advice about how to describe the circumstances around stop sign violations or crosswalks? I do not have a good explanation other than it was poor judgment...
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Does this also include a disclosure of warnings?
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 Dave Killoran
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Hmm, this language is a bit squishy. You weren't arrested but technically I believe you were charged with a violation. So, to adhere to the request as strictly as possible, disclose it.

The good news: no one cares at all about traffic violations, and they don't really need/care about your explanation because it's happened to everyone. Just note they happened a while ago, they were basic mistakes, and you learned from them.

Warnings are not covered by the language of this request imho.


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