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General questions relating to law school or law school admissions.
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Hello! A couple general questions here.

1. When receiving an admitted letter through email or phone, should you reply to admissions with a general thank you?

2. When receiving an admitted letter and there's no talk about scholarship (this schools says they award merit based $$ at time of admission), should you email the admissions team to clarify? If so, should you wait a certain amount of time before doing so? Or only do so if you're trying to negotiate?

Thank you!
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi E,

Congrats on the acceptance—well done! Some thoughts for you:

1. It's not necessary, but it never hurts to be overly polite :-D

2. Most schools focus on acceptances first, and financials later. Although, if they have made it clear that they are not awarding any merit aid to you, what I'd do is combine your "thank you" note from #1 above into a catchall message that says something like, "Thank you for the offer of admission, I'm so pleased to receive it etc. As I consider my options, finances are obviously a concern so I wanted to clarify that since I did not receive an additional note that you will not be offering me any merit aid? etc etc." That message is basically, a "thank you and I need to think about this sort" of message, which is normal.


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