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Hey there! I have two questions regarding writing law school addendums.

1. I am applying for law school for Fall 2021. I have a 3.88 GPA and have taken the LSAT three times. My first score was a result of technical errors during the Flex, I was logged out of the test mid section and my proctor failed to stop the clock, I received a 158. My second score was a 163 and my last score was a 174. I will be writing an addendum explaining my 158 score, but I am wondering if it’s necessary to do that for the discrepancy between my last two scores as well?

2. I have previously taken the GRE twice. I know some schools, such as NYU and Harvard, require applicants to submit all valid LSAT and GRE scores. However, I did poorly on my GRE both times (one at 40th and one at 80th percentile) and am wondering if I should write an addendum regarding these scores as well? I’m not sure if I should even bring attention to this at all. Do they weigh GRE and LSAT scores similarly, will they even look at my GRE scores, how do they compare them? I would obviously like to be considered with my 174 LSAT, so I am wondering if I should write an addendum regarding this being a much more accurate indicator of my abilities.

Any and all opinions/advice regarding this would be so appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!
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Hi Jessica!

1. An 11 point increase doesn't necessarily merit an explanation but since you're writing an addendum for your LSAT score anyway, I would probably mention it with just a brief explanation about how you knew you could do better. I just answered another question about writing an addendum for an LSAT score increase that you might find useful: ... =9&t=33304. Definitely check out the two links I included at the bottom of that response!

2. Law schools are going to care more about your LSAT score than your GRE scores. I don't think it's necessary to draw too much attention to the GRE scores. I'd keep your addendum limited to just your LSAT scores to keep the focus there.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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