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Hello all! I've now submitted most of my applications, but there's a question I've been struggling with (I've already messaged Dave about this)
Counting the October flex, which I cancelled, I took the LSAT three times. My previous scores are 169 (Oct 2019) and 170 (July 2020). I'm applying with these scores as early as possible in the cycle, but I've also indicated on my applications that I plan to take the January LSAT. A few of the schools (Columbia, Stanford, etc) have told me that my application won't be reviewed until I submit my January score.
My question is this: would it be more advantageous for me to tell the schools that I don't intend to take the Jan LSAT anymore (thus having my application reviewed earlier in the cycle, a better chance) or keep things as they are? I'm very conflicted and would like some insight!!!

Wishing everyone the best of luck in admissions--
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Hi more255!

If you think your January LSAT score will be higher than your previous scores, I would just let the schools consider your application then. That's the whole point of taking the test again, right? Usually the higher LSAT score is going to be more important to your chances than applying earlier in the cycle.

Here's a blog post that is relevant to your situation that you may find helpful: ... -the-lsat/

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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