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Hi! I was just wondering if you guys had any insight into how law schools perceive people applying with LSAT scores that are 3 or 4 years old. I have not taken my LSAT yet but I am in August and I weighing my options about when I am actually going to apply to law school. Some background... I have take about 2 years off from school because I burnt myself out in undergrad and I knew that I was not going to be able to perform in law school. I am now ready to go to law school but I am also interested in taking some more time off to join the Peace Corps and have a cool experience before I go. I would want to take the LSAT before I went just so that I could come home and immediately apply. I am ready to go to law school now but I think joining the Peace Corps would be a great experience and something that would make me stand out as a candidate for law school. I know LSAT scores are good for five years but I just wanted some feedback over whether this is a good plan or if I should stick to my original plan of applying for law school in the fall! Thank you!
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Hi amacdonald2121,

Your plan sounds great! LSAT scores are good for five years, and there's no real disadvantage to using a score that's a few years old. That's even more true if you use those years to do something unique and productive. Ultimately, your goal for scheduling the LSAT should be to find a time where you can perform your best, and where you will be applying within the five-year time frame.

The other potential concern about applying a few years after your undergrad degree is that you might have some trouble obtaining academic letters of recommendation. I recommend getting those letters prior to finishing school so that your recommenders have you fresh in their minds, and can write a detailed letter for you. Getting those letters in advance will be helpful for you to hit the ground running when you return.

Good luck!

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