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So a few of the schools I am applying to have a question that asks something along the lines of "Have you ever been FIRED by an employer?"

I had an internship several years in college where I was let go (or laid off) simply because the partners didn't think we needed additional interns. There was 3 of us and I had the least seniority and it was an extremely small office so they decided 2 interns was enough. So they let me go and I left on good terms. That's really it.

But do need to disclose something like this? I thought it was just to disclose if you have been fired for serious errors, like insider trading or sexual harassment?
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Hi oychoi,

The rule here is to disclose exactly what they ask for; you are not under any obligation to disclose additional information. So, I'd say being laid off does not constitute firing, hence no disclosure needed. In a case where disclosure was required, simply explain the story as you did here--it won't be a big deal at all!


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