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Hello all, new to the forum but very thankful to be here.

I had a question as to what I should do regarding an addendum for my cancer diagnosis and treatment that took place over the course of the last year. I have a higher number of Lsat takes than most, and a gap in my work history as well because of my treatment.

My question is, is it ever permissible to write a 'two in one' kind of addendum, or must those two things be addressed separately? Treatment was just such a large undertaking and I want to make sure I address it correctly.

Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate your time.
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It's completely permissible and also makes good sense to roll those two things into one, Sidsabeast87. I hope you're well and that treatment has been successful for you. I've seen up close what a challenge that can be. Wishing you strength and luck on the road ahead with everything you are facing!

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