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Thanks for all the help you provide! I'm writing with a little bit of a worry about rec letters. I asked two professors I like a lot to write for me. I told them that they only needed to write one letter, which would be sent to all law schools. My understanding from the different forums I've been attending that it's fine to have one general letter.

But now I've started to get a little worried -- is it a problem if each rec letter isn't tailored to each school? I don't want to ask my recommenders to go through a bunch of extra steps if it's not necessary, but I don't want to lower my chances over this either.
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Flex,

One general letter is the standard, and expected.

Imagine a world where you as a recommender had to write tailored letters--no one would write recommendations anymore. So, there's no expectation for this type of thing to happen.

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Phew! Thank you.

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