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I'm looking for advice on a fairly specific situation that I haven't been able to find answers for. Certain schools in the T14 (only NYU in the T6, I think) require both GRE and LSAT scores to be submitted if the applicant has both. I have old GRE scores on file from 4 years ago -- 170 Verbal, 160 Quantitative. The quant score looks pretty bad, I think, and it's a far cry from my LSAT score (>175). I am wondering: should I write an addendum addressing this? I know such addenda are sometimes recommended for large gaps between multiple LSAT scores, but I've not seen anyone with my situation.

(The reason for the low Quant score is not glamorous -- I was thinking about grad school, and US institutions required a GRE; there was only one test date before application deadlines, so I took the GRE without having studied sufficiently; I panicked during the sitting and didn't complete the Quant section, but didn't want to cancel the score, because otherwise I couldn't apply at all, and the programs in question were not quantitatively focused in any case.)

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