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I am applying to law schools this fall, and have two questions regarding my applications:

(1) My LSAC UGPA is 3.91, but it is only based on 87 of my college credits. Before starting college, I took ten CLEP tests (pass/fail standardized tests that award freshman level credits as an alternative to taking the corresponding college class), and my degree granting institution accepted them for college credits.
I contacted LSAC about my CLEPs when I was submitting my undergraduate transcripts, but they said they do not include such tests in their final, adjusted GPA they will send in my law school report. I am wondering if law schools only seeing 87 credits, rather than 120, will cause them to put up a red flag concerning my high UGPA.
Should I explain this discrepancy in an addendum to my application?

(2) I received my undergraduate degree completely online from Liberty University last year. My professors basically just lectured via prerecorded videos, and my interaction with them was mainly via emails when I had a question concerning assignments.
I also am self employed as a contractor, so I am not confident that I have anyone who can give me a professional LOR. Hence, it looks like my only choice is academic letters from professors I barely know. I certainly do not want my LOR to detract from my application, but is a professor's familiarity with my written assignments enough to give her material to write a recommendation that does not reflect upon me poorly. If I remind my professors of certain assignments I completed exceptionally well, will that information be anecdotal and meaningful enough to help my LOR not take away from my otherwise strong application numbers? (173, 3.91)

Thank you in advance for your advice. Any opinions are appreciated.
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Brent,

Thanks for the message! Here are some thoughts:

1. No worries there, credits accruing from pre-college work is quite normal and won't be a red flag at all.

2. This is a valid concern, and I would write to those profs, remind them of who you are and the work you did (just like you said), and then ask them if they feel that they can write you a valid letter. In other words, instead of just saying "Can you do this?" ask if they feel comfortable doing it. If you get an affirmative that will be a great sign. Beyond that, you are a bit stuck here if no one comes through, but a bad recommendation is a surefire killer. If you really have no options, that may be something to address in an addendum, although that is a delicate, precarious situation and approach since this is so unusual.

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Hello Dave,

Thanks so much for your advice.

I ended up writing to half-a-dozen of my professors before I even got a response. After following the advice you outlined for me, I have obtained two LOR from professors who indicated that they could write positive ones for me!

I also just received a precious fee waiver from Yale, so things seem to be getting exciting!

Thanks for all you do on the cutting edge of the LSAT and law school admissions; You all are seriously the best!

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