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I know this cycle has been ridiculously competitive, so I am thankful (and a little surprised with the outcomes I got). I am a super-splitter with a 3.2/175. I ended up getting into UT Austin, BU, and ASU and was waitlisted at UVA and Columbia (withdrawn). I am interested in doing BigLaw and UVA is (was) my top choice. But, because I had no idea how anything worked, I didn't send a GPA addendum (though I have reasonable explanation for it being low), didn't send a Why X? essay until a month after I applied, and I applied in late January. I think my softs are pretty good and my personal statement must have been solid to get me into UT with my stats. I ended up depositing at BU over UT, because I know I want to work in the Northeast and not Texas and BU offered a half tuition scholarship. I recently however, got offered a teaching position at an inner city school in France for the next year and am wondering whether I should defer BU for the security of it or try to reapply in the fall with hopes of getting into UVA. Obviously my stats will be pretty similar, but I would have the opportunity to better explain my undergrad GPA and why UVA is my top choice, as well as applying in October would probably be helpful. I also am considering maybe doing ED for UVA to boost my chances as a super splitter.
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Hi Isabellejo,

It's impossible to know which is the right direction here in terms of your goals, but at least option is attractive to you. So, in one sense, there likely isn't a "bad" choice here. Since I can't really advise you on which is better for you, the best I can do here is give you a sense of how next cycle will work.

This has been the worst law school admission cycle in modern times, and students with very high numbers have found themselves in some very difficult situations (so congrats to you, you've done well!). Next year won't likely be as bad as this year, but right now it's trending toward worse and worse as applicants who are unhappy with their results this cycle opt-out and will reapply next year. This means next year is not going to be easy either.

Would the extra year in France(which is awesome imho), earlier app/ED, and extra essays be enough to get you off the waitlist? Possibly, but I will say there is no guarantee at all that it will. It's uncertain, and there is no way to know what will happen without trying it. so that leaves you in the classic position of either locking in with BU next year or tossing it all away to make another run. And no one but you can determine if the risk is worth it here :/ If you do take another shot, I'd look to add some schools that perhaps you didn't apply to here to have as backups, because ASU, BU, and Texas likely won't accept you again after being spurned.

I hope that helps. Merci et bonne chance!

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