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So I took the LSAT in April, and was very pleased to get a 176. However, my undergrad was hit hard from the beginning due to me getting under a 3.0 my first semester, and right now (though I don't have my final grades) it's looking like it'll be around 3.43 (somewhere in the 3.4-3.45 range). I'm also a stats major with a CS minor, which I've heard schools take into account? And I'm at a school that's infamous for its grade deflation--seriously, when you look up "schools with toughest grading", we're usually #1. (I mention these because I don't know how much schools actually care about them, but better to view the larger picture). My softs are...fine? Had a real cool internship fall through because of COVID, doing a research project this summer, participated in/led clubs, but no experience in a law office or anything like that.

To sum up:
3.43 (math)/176/nURM, earliest application possible

Is T6 possible? Does T14 seem reasonable? Thanks so much for your help.
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Hi H,

Thanks for the message! Last year I would have said T14 was a lock, and maybe T6 depending on how well you executed your essays, etc. This year? I'm not even certain you'd be T14. This has been the worst law school admission cycle in modern times, and students with better numbers than yours on both counts have found themselves in situations with one or no T14 admits. Next year won't likely be as bad as this year, but right now it's trending toward worse and worse as applicants who are unhappy with their results opt-out and will reapply next year. So, until we know more about how this year shakes out and how much medians will rise, anyone trying to make predictions about next year based on specific numbers is just guessing :) For you, my best guess is that T6 will be a stretch, even with schools knowing about your harsh grading curve. T14 would seem possible, but make sure you crush those essays. And keep a close eye on how this cycle finishes off and what the new medians come in at.


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