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I'm currently an undergrad student pursuing a double major, but I recently found out that I could graduate with two separate bachelors degrees in those respective majors at the same time by taking a few extra classes (since I transferred in lots of AP and Dual Enrollment credits).

I know that LSAC only factors in classes from your first bachelors degree into your GPA, but what if I would be receiving both bachelors degrees at the same time? What classes would be factored into my GPA then? I'm super confused and have been unable to find a clear answer on this. Any help is appreciated!!
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 Dave Killoran
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Hi Qwerty,

While I'm quite familiar with double majors, graduating at the same time with double degrees is not something that comes up a lot. you need to contact LSAC directly for clarification on this. Their policies change frequently, and so you want it straight from them on what happens. Please let us know what they say. thanks!

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