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Hello! This may be me just being paranoid, but my anxiety won't let me rest until I have a definitive answer...

I got accepted to a t14 school pretty recently with an LSAT score of 170, on the July flex. I took and cancelled the October, and recently took the January LSAT on the hopes of having a higher score/better scholarship chances. On the chance that I have a lower score on the January exam, will this affect the decisions that law schools have already made and offered? I scoured the net for answers but can't find a direct one so here goes!

Thank you in advance and wishing everyone good luck~
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Hi more255!

Law schools really only care about your highest LSAT score so even if you got a lower score on a more recent test, it's not going to substantially affect their assessment of you. Plus, they've already made you an offer! No need to stress--you're in! Congratulations!


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