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During this admissions season, I went through a period of self-reflection and decided to pursue reenlistment in the military, specifically joining the Army National Guard. I'm considering taking a year to complete my training and then reapplying to law schools next year. Do you think being an active reservist could be seen as a negative by admissions committees?

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Hey LegallyUn,

Many law school admission deans have gone on the record as saying military service is a desirable trait in applicants. Military experience helps create a diverse student body and can speak to an applicant's work ethic and committment to public service.

I personally am a veteran and heavily relied on my active duty experiences for many of my application materials; I feel this only strengthened my application. I recommend checking out the Service 2 School organization when you reapply; the program sets you up with a veteran mentor who can assist in translating your military experiences most effectively onto your future applications.

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