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For answer choice (E), I've read the explanations of why this clause is supported / why this answer choice is correct, but "to comment on society's values" is a bit of a stretch here, no? A commentary on societal values really refers to something like dignity, human rights, morality, etc. An artistic statement on consumerist / materialistic culture would be pretty much the exact definition of a commentary on societal values, and the passage specifically relates that to some pop art and directly presents Lichtenstein's art as counter to that trend. I consequently eliminated this answer because I thought it was a Shell Game played with those details, which in my experience happens pretty frequently in RC:
But, in contrast to some pop art, Lichtenstein's work exuded not a jaded cynicism about consumer culture, but a kind of deliberate naivete
I understand now why the answer I chose -- A -- is incorrect, but at the time it seemed as though it was the least off-base answer of the 5, and to me it still seems as though "to comment on society's values" was a rather erroneous way for the test makers to have constructed a correct answer choice?
 James Finch
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Hi AZ,

A comment doesn't necessarily have to be profound; while the passage doesn't paint Lichtenstein as a great social critic, it does mention throughout that he intended his works to be commentary on the society in which he lived:

Lines 8-10: "Lichtenstein’s work also managed to convey a seriousness of theme that enabled it to transcend mere parody."

Lines 27-30: "Lichtenstein’s work was part of a general rebellion against the fading emotional power of abstract expressionism, rather than an aloof attempt to ignore it."

Lines 50-51: "...nostalgia fills his paintings that gives inner sweetness."

Moreover, the first part of (E) is the only one of the five answer choices that closely tracks with the description of his Pop Art style, inspired as it was by advertisements and comic books, ie consumer products and the way they were marketed.

Hope this helps!
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Can you please explain why D is incorrect? I understand that his work is less a comment on consumer culture (like other late-abstract expressionist works) and more a social commentary esp among contemporary artists of his time. Is the first half of the answer choice also wrong? I was thrown off by E because I associate depictions of items as they appear with Warhol rather than with Lichtenstein (yes I know, outside knowledge).
 Adam Tyson
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"Vague shapes and images" is not typical of the realism that Lichtenstein paints. His stuff is a lot closer to Warhol than to abstract expressionism.

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