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Complete Question Explanation
(See the complete passage discussion here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=14496)

The correct answer choice is (B)

In order to parallel the recommended disaster response in the third paragraph, quickly return to that
paragraph (lines 31-44) and review the recommendations of the experts. Accordingly, you must
select a response that addresses long-term needs, involves consultation with local agencies, and
considers of the needs of local populations (rather that decision-making purely from the “outside”).

Answer choice (A): The experts’ recommendations did not concern saving money. This response
inappropriately assumes that saving money is the issue, when the real issue was tailoring the
response to the community’s desires.

Answer choice (B): This is the correct answer choice. The experts suggest developing plans in
advance in order to more effectively respond to the stated needs of the community, and to address
both short- and long-term needs. This response exactly describes such a situation.

Answer choice (C): This response describes the traditional response, and involves no community
consultation, which the experts are attempting to improve upon. This choice is incorrect, because it
represents exactly the opposite of what the experts recommend.

Answer choice (D): This choice might seem attractive, but you need to be careful to read it for
exactly what it says. You might have mistakenly concluded that this response follows the expert
recommendation, because it concerns targeting the specifi c needs of the community. However, the
experts thought that the community—not some outside agency—should determine need, so this
response is somewhat contrary to the passage, and incorrect. Remember, consultation within the
community is important.

Answer choice (E): This answer neither addresses the needs of the community nor any long-term
needs, and thus can be eliminated. In addition, the experts’ recommendations had nothing precisely
to do with donation levels.
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Hi, Can someone explain why A is wrong? I was deciding btw ans A and B and end up picking A because I don't see local officials rejecting three more expensive proposals as saving money,I see it as " the consideration of local needs", and to me, finally accepting a contractor's plan to control a local river with a dam is a long term needs/and method to prevent future problems?

I cross out Answer B because it also mentions temporary shelter, which is not a long term need. And paragraph three also states that "The practical effect of this approach is that aid takes the form of a response to the stated desires of those affected rather than an immediate, though less informed, action on their behalf."
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The first two sentences in Paragaph 3 state the experts' suggested focus as "long term." Specifically, those experts suggest that community members be allowed to "define the (35) form and method of aid that are most appropriate to
their needs." So, we are looking for (1) long-term solutions and (2) community input.

Moving to the answer choices, your contenders were (A) and (B). (A) lacks any references at all to community members' needs, so it is not the best answer. In (B), the plan shares short- and long-term components (temporary shelter, plus later rebuilding houses). Just as importantly, (B) states that the plan was developed "in consultation with donors and community members." Since this answer choice has both components we are looking for, it is the best answer.

Remember to prephrase the correct answer. In this case, that means identifying the components you are looking for BEFORE reading the answer choices. This allows you to quickly eliminate answers that do not include your prephrase.

Good luck with your studies!

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