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 Annie O.
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Hi there!

I am wondering why answer B is incorrect. If "the only reality artists could portray " were politically influenced, then doesn't that make it an "inescapable melding" of artistic and political ideas?

I just posted the answers A and B here so I/we can reference them easier.

A introduce the set of political and artistic ideas that spurred the development of two artistic movements described in the subsequent paragraphs
B acknowledge the inescapable melding of political ideas and artistic styles in China

Thank you!

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 Poonam Agrawal
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Hi Annie!

When answering author's purpose questions, we have to consider what role the specified portion of text plays in the overall passage. The question asks for the "primary function" of the first paragraph, so we have to not only find an answer that is true, we also must find an answer that indicates the broader purpose of that specific paragraph.

Answer choice (B) only attempts one of those things - it is a mostly true statement. The reason I say mostly true is because the answer choice refers to China in the present, whereas the first paragraph only refers to China in the past. However, the bigger issue with answer choice (B) is that it doesn't really tell us anything about the first paragraph's overall function. Maybe the paragraph at some point does acknowledge the melding of political ideas and artistic styles in China, but this acknowledgment is not really the main purpose of that paragraph.

The first paragraph's main purpose is to serve as an introduction to the Cultural Revolution's ironic role in leading to the Scar Art movement and the Native Soil movement. Answer choice (A) encapsulates this idea beautifully - it is a true statement AND it tells us why that first paragraph is there in the passage.

I hope this helps!

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