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This was the most challenging question of the passage. I was between A and D, and ultimately chose D, because while the passage never explicitly said that CORE criticized the ministers for their incomplete agreement, there is a line that says that “some critics” did. I took that to mean “at least one.” I thought that was the closest we could get to “most clearly suggests” in the question stem.

I understand that A can be correct, but it remains unconvincing. I understand that the ministers worked on social/political causes as mediators in the past, but I wouldn’t agree that the campaign didn’t signal a campaign--it did. They opted to shed their “politically moderate” positions and advocate in a way they haven’t previously. Since the passage largely focuses on the ministers’ role, I don’t see how this makes sense.

Guidance would be appreciated!
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 Poonam Agrawal
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Hi Mountain Girl!

We have to be very, very careful with the wording of the answer choices in any reading comprehension passage. Most of the questions are in the form of Must Be True, which means if there is even a small part of the answer choice that is false or not explicitly stated, it is not the correct answer. Answer choice (D), as you've identified, contains a piece of information that we cannot say with certainty - we simply don't know if they were criticized by CORE, and therefore, we cannot choose this answer.

The support for answer choice (A) can be found towards the end of the passage, specifically in lines 60-62. Because the ministers were able to maintain their moderate political ties, the campaign didn't really signal a major change in their political and social goals. While the ministers were initially afraid that their participation in the campaign would change their position in the community as moderate political leaders, in the end, the campaign did not significantly change their general goals. Hope that clarifies this one!

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