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I had trouble understanding the passage as a whole. Would anyone be willing to break down the passage in terms of structure?

Also I did not understand difference between the model and the riddle basin of attraction, so what important parts do I have to identify to enhance my understanding of the whole passage?
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 Jonathan Evans
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Hi, LSAT 2018,

Let's break this down through our initial observations as we read and what we need to pay attention to according to ViewSTAMP.
  • Paragraph 1:

    Looks like a hard science passage. We need to be clear on what the central concept is/key definitions. We also need to understand the viewpoints of people mentioned in the passage as well as the author's opinion.

    (Tone) Looks like the passage is going to be descriptive rather than polemical. We're discussing the work of Sommerer and Ott.

    (MP) They made a computer model that has some implications for the scientific method.

    Paragraph 2:

    (MP/View) Discusses S & O's work by analogy with "riddled basins of attraction" ¶ 2 largely discusses this analogy.

    Paragraph 3:

    (MP/View) Continuation of discussion of "riddled basin" analogy. We should note that we will likely be asked about details from these two paragraphs. Do not go overboard with memorizing the whole thing. Just note that this is important, detailed information.

    Paragraph 4:

    (MP/View) Still in S&O's viewpoint. Now discussing contrast between their work and what they call "chaos." Notice that the definition of this term in quotes will likely be important, i.e. you'll have to come back to it later.

    Paragraph 5:

    (MP/View) Now we're in author's viewpoint. Further, the author makes an (Argument) that other systems like that of S & O likely exist. Author ratiocinates based on probability. This paragraph confirms that the author is largely in agreement with the observations of S & O and views their work as significant.
Overall Main Point would be something along the lines of:
  • Passage about the work of S & O, which suggests that difficulty replicating scientific results may have to do with unrepeatable initial conditions. This work may have further implications.
Notice we're trying to work from general to specific as always. We'll have plenty of opportunities to dig into the minutiae of this passage while we are answering questions.

I hope this helps!

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