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Maybe I misunderstood this passage but this question explains groupthink in my opinion. I picked B. C is the opposite answer. Isn't the group explained displaying signs of groupthink??
Thank you
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Thanks for your question!

The passage gives us a few things to look for to identify groupthink: a highly cohesive group, a lack of critical scrutiny of proposals, self-censorship by members who believe that the benefit of the doubt should be given to the group's consensus, and an unwarranted pressure toward uniformity. What this might look like in real life is a proposal sailing through the approval process of a tightly-knit group without much critical scrutiny or discussion of potential flaws in the plan.

By contrast, this question's prompt describes a scenario where a group experienced repeated conflict in deciding between different proposals. The disagreement, criticism, and ongoing conflict described here is really the opposite of the uniformity and lack of scrutiny that characterizes groupthink. That's why answer choice (C) is a good fit.

I hope this helps clarify things for you. Good luck studying!


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