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Question Line Reference
(See the complete passage discussion here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=27529)

The correct answer choice is (E)

The justification for the correct answer can be found on:

(Lines 18-25): "This group...not adopted."
(Lines 45-47): "While the UDHR...nonbinding legal status."
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I had gotten rid of A B C and was stuck on D and E. I chose D... of course although I had a funny gut feeling about E. A gut feeling like, yeah it's supported and could be said because I know where they made that deduction from.

But D I felt like also had support. Line 40 says, "it also asserted a number of fundamental human rights, including right to work..."

I just thought D was getting at how the author is glad and content with the definitions and assertiveness of language (without being enforceable) and that is clearly supportable throughout the whole passage. Author does think it would be better if all of this can now go in effect but he did agree with the definitions.

So how do you get rid of D? Is it that it talks about how important rights "should be" included a list...where this stuff is just kind of not alluded too? I know how I was reading it under time, versus how i'm reading it now.
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In order to pick answer D, Khodi, we should be able to clearly state which rights were omitted, or at least find something in the text that says that some important rights were omitted. The text you cited about the right to work, etc., is part of the list that was included in the UDHR, not omitted. " It also asserted a number of fundamental human rights, including among others the right to work, the right to rest and leisure, and the right to education." Asserted means it said these were rights.

Answer E is supported directly by the test, here:
This group lobbied vigorously to strengthen the Charter’s human rights provisions and proposed that member states be required "to take separate and joint action and to co-operate with the organization for the promotion of human rights."
Rely on the text! That's what RC requires of us, like it is a giant Must Be True question.

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