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The key here, demk26, is to notice that at no point are we given any information about the relative length of reports in different segments, only WITHIN a segment (longest to shortest within a segment). So perhaps the first report in Segment 1 could be five minutes long, the second one 4 minutes, and the third one 3 minutes, while in Segment 2 the first report could be two minutes long and the second segment could be one minute long. That would allow I to be the third report in Segment 1 (three minutes) and still be longer than W, which is the first report in Segment 2 (two minutes).

Similarly, imagine that in Segment 1, the reports are 5, 2, and one minute, while in Segment 2 they are 4 and 3 minutes. In that case, I could be the second report in Segment 2 (three minutes long) and still be longer than the second report in Segment 1 (two minutes long). There is simply NO information about the relative lengths ACROSS segments, only within them!
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This is how I approached the setup of this game:

GI: I, N
LI: S, T, W

First Segment: __ __ __ (includes at least 1 from LI)
Second Segment: __ __ (includes at least 1 from LI)

*Segments = vertical component
*(longest --- shortest) = horizontal component (a little abstract but it worked for me)

Rule 4: N --- the other 4

Rule 5: the other 4 --- 3

Rule 6: I --- W

I was able to combine the rules to create the following potential orders from longest to shortest:

N --- (T, I---W) --- S

N, T, I, W, S
N, I, T, W, S
N, I, W, T, S

With this, I was able to answer all the questions correctly.
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Hi ybmsfn!

If your setup worked for you, that's great!

The thing missing here that I would add (and that we have included in our full setup on the first page of this thread) is the order and the Not Laws for your segments. It's great to think about the overall order of your five reports since there are only three possible sequences for them. But their orders within the segments are what's more important. And based on what you know about the orders you can add some Not Laws (for example N has to be first in whichever segment it is in, W can't be first in the first segment, etc.).

Good job!


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