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#11 - Must Be True

Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:10 am
by Administrator
Complete Question Explanation
(See the complete passage discussion here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=14445)

The correct answer choice is (E)

This question asks us to identify the role of medical experts in relation to custom-made medical
illustrations. Having a solid grasp of the argument—counterargument structure underlying the
passage is once again key. The author describes the role of medical experts in the second paragraph,
claiming that deceptive illustrations would be inadmissible as evidence unless an expert testified to
their accuracy (lines 26-29).

Answer choice (A): Although medical experts do play a role in establishing the admissibility of
medical illustrations, they are not the ones making the decision as to which custom-made medical
illustrations should be admissible. Read carefully—medical experts only “testify to their accuracy”
(line 29); they do not decide questions of law.

Answer choice (B): This answer choice is incorrect, because medical experts are not the ones who
temper the impact of medical illustrations. Professional medical illustrators do (lines 33-36).

Answer choice (C): This is a reverse answer. The role of medical experts is not to make medical
illustrations understandable; rather, the role of medical illustrations is to make medical experts
understandable (lines 55-64).

Answer choice (D): The passage offers no evidence to support the claim that medical experts provide
opinions to attorneys as to which illustrations would be useful.

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice, as the author’s statements in lines 26-29
directly support it.