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Complete Question Explanation
(See the complete passage discussion here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=14297)

Due to the general nature of this question, the method of elimination is likely to prove useful—any
answer choice that cannot be proven by the passage will be incorrect.

Answer choice (A): This is the correct answer choice. The author clearly believes that the new
digital model of publishing will eventually replace traditional publishing (lines 22-25), requiring
traditional publishers to embrace the new model or else lose authors (lines 50-51). It is reasonable
to infer, therefore, that those publishers that fail to embrace the new digital model will be unlikely to
remain economically competitive.

Answer choice (B): This answer choice contains an exaggeration. Although the use of computers
and handheld devices is likely to compete with digital publishing, the author is convinced that digital
publishing will prevail because consumers would prefer to have their digital books printed and
bound on demand (lines 6-10). There is no evidence that the use of electronic devices represents the
“primary threat” to the spread of digital publishing.

Answer choice (C): The author makes no mention of whether the new model of digital publishing
will revitalize the book retail business. Although the retail business is likely to undergo a significant
transformation with the introduction of “on demand” printing and binding, there is no evidence that
this will revitalize it. This answer choice implies that the current state of the book retail business
is somewhat stagnant, which—though possibly true in the real world—was never discussed in the
passage. Make sure to stay away from answer choices that seem objectively true, but are not provable
by the information contained in the passage.

Answer choice (D): The author never compares the likely sales volume of digitally published books
to that of traditionally published books.

Answer choice (E): While the expense of printing, selling, distributing, and displaying physical
books will be eliminated, publishers still need to advertise their books. There is no reason to expect
that their advertising budget will suddenly decrease.

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