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Complete Question Explanation
(See the complete passage discussion here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=14138)

The correct answer choice is (E)

The answer to this question is prephrased in the VIEWSTAMP analysis above.
Answer choice (A): There is no evidence that the Border communities are uniquely cohesive, as the
author does not draw comparisons to other communities. Furthermore, only the second paragraph
focuses on the corrido imagery, not the passage as a whole.

Answer choice (B): While it is true that the corrido has roots in eighteenth-century Spain, whether
those roots are revealed in corridos’ conventional themes and language is neither entirely clear nor
the main point of the passage. The author does not dwell on the origins of the corrido, but rather on
its linguistic qualities and cultural significance.

Answer choice (C): Hopefully, you were able to eliminate this answer choice relatively quickly, as
“Gregorio Cortez” merely illustrates certain aspects of the corrido.

Answer choice (D): While corridos do employ vivid imagery and draw their narratives from subject
matter specific to the Border region, the mere fact that they do is not the main point of the passage.

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice. The main point of the passage can be found
in the first paragraph, lines 17-20: the linguistic and thematic conventions typified by the corrido
help affirm the cohesiveness of Border communities. The adverb phrase “more importantly” (lines
17-18) should have been a useful clue.
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I had trouble picking between D and E. The main source of confusion for me was that cohesiveness being a quality of corridos was only mentioned once in the opening paragraph, while, to me, it seemed like the author focused more on the imagery used and attention to local events. How would I go about picking between these two answer choices? Thanks!
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Hi gingerale,

It can be tricky to isolate a main point of a passage. However, when you think about the passage as a whole, it is using the imagery and local events to show how the corrido maintains the cohesiveness of the community. The examples given are meant to show that the songs themes and topics are common in the area. The main point then is about the cohesiveness and how the songs accomplish that.

The main point does not have to be stated repeatedly, but it does have to be supported. Does the familiar imagery support the cohesiveness of the songs, or does the cohesiveness support the imagery? Corridos serve the function of community bonding by using language, imagery, and topics that are unique to the area.

Ultimately, when deciding between two main points, you can think about what is supporting, and what is supported. The ultimate conclusion will not support anything else, but it will be supported by information throughout the passage.

Hope that helps!

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