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Complete Question Explanation
(See the complete passage discussion here: lsat/viewtopic.php?t=12785)

The correct answer choice is (A)

The author refers to Cameron’s The Passing of Arthur in the third paragraph, in which the author highlights “obvious” and amateurish props but tells us that these “details are insignificant.” (Lines 46-50).

Answer choice (A): This is the correct answer choice. The broomstick oars and white muslin water of the The Passing of Arthur are examples of the amateurish production values of Cameron’s work.

Answer choice (B): Here, the answer choice is incorrect because the author discusses the transformative power of theater (i.e., the ability of theater to “transcend its doubleness”) in the second paragraph, while The Passing of Arthur was discussed in the third paragraph.

Answer choice (C): The author never states or implies that Cameron’s use of props is ingenious, nor that her photographs are ingenious. Rather, it appears that the value of Cameron’s work is fortuitous, rather than ingenious.

Answer choice (D): For Cameron to have intended her work to be taken ironically, it would have to be the case that she used her photographs to convey some deeper meaning. However, the author gives us no indication that Cameron intended to do anything other than photograph dramatic scenes.

Answer choice (E): It is true that the author implies that Cameron’s props were both obvious and amateurish, which is a negative assessment of the props. However, the author’s appraisal of Cameron’s work, the photographs as finished products, is positive, not negative.
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Hi, I was stuck between choices A and C and ultimately picked C for this question because I thought the usage of the props could show that the artist was very creative in using these amateur props to create her fantasy scene. Couldn't C work as well? I know that the author never used the word "ingenuity" but I thought a main point of the passage was to show how Cameron had created these pictures and successfully conveyed her fantasy with creative maneuvers? Thanks
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Use the context to prephrase this answer, Freddy. The paragraph started by telling us:
What gives Cameron’s pictures of actors their special quality—their status as treasures of photography of an unfathomably peculiar sort—is their singular combination of amateurism and artistry.
Then it goes on to use The Passing of Arthur as an example to illustrate that idea. The props are described as being obviously props - broomsticks and muslin drapery - and tells us that those details are insignificant. That's the "amateurism" aspect of this example. It's the other aspects, the romantic fantasy and the magic and mystery of the picture, that provide the artistry.

You're right that "ingenuity" isn't mentioned, and that should be a good reason to eliminate answer C. But more than that, we should select answer A because our prephrase should be based on the text, and that's where we find this particular picture and its contents being used to illustrate the juxtaposition of amateurism and artistry. The props, which we were asked about, show the amateur side of that relationship.

Prephrase, every time! You won't regret it!

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