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Questions relating to PowerScore's LSAT Logic Games Bible
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Hey there PowerScore!

I am studying for the November LSAT (currently registered for Sept but I am seriously considering withdrawing in the next couple days). I am very weak in logic games and intend to use the LGB to "start fresh" with logic games. I started with the book and am currently in Chapter 3 on p. 181. I stopped here because I felt that up until this point I was truly grasping each concept/able to execute it on my own when needed. Now I feel that it is taking me longer to comprehend each piece of information, and also that I am forgetting concepts that I thought were solidified for me. (For example on a recent PT I was unable to recall how exactly to proceed with the Unless Equation - though in my practice I felt comfortable with this concept.) I will admit that I absolutely feel that I am experiencing quite a bit of burnout at this point in my study, particularly with the recent pressure to improve before the Sept LSAT which is not panning out for me.

I initially set a goal to complete the LGB over the course of 6 days due to the pressure of the test on 9/8 (I know this was a horrible approach!) but at the time I felt that it was my last shot at improving my understanding of logic games before the test. Now that I am returning back to reality, how would you recommend structuring study for the November LSAT with the LGB? I have taken a look at the Self-study guides on Powerscore's website, but the unique circumstance for me is that I feel comfortable with my performance on RC and LR, and that the two month guide encompasses all three sections. Also, I feel that partially due to burnout, and also to the fact that I am not particularly inclined towards things such as spatial reasoning, deeply understanding Logic Games may take a bit longer for me than for most others (maybe not, who knows? But I am feeling that way at this time!)

I feel that part of the solution might be to space out coverage of new material more, and also to "back up" new knowledge with perhaps more practice than is provided in the LGB itself after new lessons. I have considered investing in the LGB Workbook and the Game Type Training to help with this. Is this what might work best? Also, in regards to pacing and practice, what would a reasonable and efficient study plan look like particularly given the Nov deadline? I am able to devote a full-time schedule to studying between now and the upcoming test. Finally, I feel that my increased focus on Logic Games over the past month and negligence of RC and LR caused me to slip a bit on RC and LR a bit on my most recent practice tests. With this in mind, how would you incorporate RC and LR into a study plan for November given that I feel solid in those two areas but don't want to atrophy in them over time? Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance!
 Ben DiFabbio
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Hey Nmaugust!

I think your intuition is correct about rushing through the LG Bible. It won't help you very much if you speed through the material to learn the concepts and methods without applying them in practice. The most effective way to go through the Bible would be to devote a chunk of your prep materials (say, PTs 1-50) to drilling by game type. After you finish the section of the Bible devoted to Basic Linear games, for example, comb through all of the PTs that you're devoting to drills and apply the skills you learned to all of the Basic Linear games in that set of tests. Then read the chapter on Advanced Linear games, Grouping games etc., and each time you finish learning the methods for a particular classification, go back through the same set of tests and drill all of the games of that type.

As for incorporating LR and RC into your prep, even if you're not planning to devote a ton of time to those sections, just be sure to take and review a timed section of each type every couple of days. Consider treating those sections as a break from your LG prep. You could even start each study session with a timed RC or LR section as a warm up, and then dig into the LG Bible and your game type drills.

Happy studying!

- Ben

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