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Questions relating to PowerScore's LSAT Logic Games Bible
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We recently received the following question:

I recently finished reading the logic game bible. I took me a month to read the book. Mind you, I never studied for the lsat before reading poweracore LG and I never tried any practice games. I'm currently doing the logic games rechallenge section and after that I'll go to the other 2 books in the powerscore series. I noticed that with finally timing myself I cannot always get to 4 games. Normally I can get to 3. Additionally, I ranged 14-17 right out of 22/24 questions. While I'm going through the game I find it difficult to precisely exercise all the techniques in the book because time doesn't allow for that. Maybe I'm too slow now and with time I can gain speed which will give me the luxury to practice the techniques more. However, realistically is it even possible to do all the techniques in the book especially with writing out all the inferences (like in games with conditional relationships). I kind of what to know am I on the right track? I'm am studying for the December and February exams (maybe even the June if I need to take it). Will my score increase? I didn't do a diagnostic before reading the book so I don't know how to measure my improvement, but indefinitely know that without the book I wouldn't have been able to get 14 correct. Also, how can I refund my speed? It takes me about 10 minutes to complete a game, mainly because I am really meticulous.
Here's how we responded:


Thanks for reaching out, and congrats on completing the Logic Games Bible! First off, let me assure you that you’re definitely on the right track. Although you didn’t take a diagnostic test before you started prepping, it’s safe to assume that you had no idea how to approach any of the logic games on your test, and would have probably completed no more than one of the four games in the time allowed. Today, you can do 3 (!) after doing nothing else but study the techniques in the Logic Games Bible. Imagine how much better you will do once you start applying these techniques across a wide variety of logic games!

You should always remember that the LSAT is not a knowledge-based test. Unlike most other exams, where studying a textbook or a coursebook is often sufficient to prepare and do well, the LSAT tests your skills - close reading, critical reasoning, rule application, information synthesis, etc. These are not skills you can develop overnight, much less by reading a book (even a very good one)! We can show you how to approach all the different types of questions and games, but it’s up to you to internalize this approach and make it your own. Take Undefined Grouping Games, for instance: you shouldn’t have to think about whether or how to construct a conditional chain, or labor over every conditional inference. When skills such as inference-making and template-recognition become an instinctual response to the rule set of a game - that’s when students begin noticing a drastic improvement in their scores! To get there, you need more time, and more practice.

You may notice that all the Self-Study Plans we’ve created merely use the Bible Trilogy as a base. Beyond that, the plans presuppose rigorous training using a variety of LSAT Question Collections (which are indispensable for drilling specific game or question types), along with dozens of real, licensed Practice Tests (ideally no older than 2008).

If you have any specific questions about how to proceed with your test prep, please do not hesitate to reach out again! Personally, I believe the value of real-time instruction cannot be overstated, so if you’re considering taking any of our Live Online or Full Length courses, please let me know :)


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