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Complete Question Explanation

Parallel Reasoning-PR. The correct answer choice is (E)

The principle here is that if citizens have done all that they can to comply with the law and the only non-compliance is due to governmental inaction, then those citizens should be able to carry on as planned despite the potential illegality of the actions. We need an answer choice that fits this principle (attempt to comply, governmental/bureaucratic inaction, proceeding anyway despite legal prohibitions).

Answer choice (A): There is no governmental inaction mentioned here, so this answer cannot be correct.

Answer choice (B): This answer choice shows governmental action (not inaction) because her request was denied.

Answer choice (C): There is no good-faith effort made to accomplish some goal here, nor is there clear governmental inaction preventing the achievement of that goal, so this answer is incorrect.

Answer choice (D): Once again, there is no bureaucratic inaction in this answer so it cannot be correct.

Answer choice (E): This is the correct answer choice. This answer exhibits all of the elements of the principle in the stimulus: physician meets all necessary criteria/qualifications, bureaucratic inaction resulted in no license, he practices medicine illegally with no license.

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